wholesale ocean data collection

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Xi’an Tianhe Technology Co.,Ltd. is a private military industry listed company which insists civil-military integration development strategy with the civilian & military electronic information products as leading. As the core of radar technology, photoelectric detection technology, Marine detection technology, the products of the company can be separated of four products area which include “regional low-altitude & short-range air defense command system and ground surveillance command system, high-end security protection system, air traffic control system, marine environment defection system”. In recent years, the company has successfully expended the meta-material technology, microwave ferrite materials & component and so on.
The company has founded in 2001, the registered capital of 120 million CNY, owning its subsidiary company of Xi’an Tianwei Electronic System Engineering Co., Ltd., Xi’an Tianhe Marine Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Huayang technology Co., Ltd., equipped with radar engineering technology R&D center, photoelectric technology R&D center, marine engineering equipment technology R&D center, air traffic control system R&D center, metamaterials R&D center, etc. Tianhe is a national High-tech enterprise,Shaanxi civilian-military integration project of “double hundred” key enterprise, the civilian-military integration in Shaanxi Province demonstration enterprise.
Xi’an Tianhe Maritime Technologies Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary company, delivers advanced and reliable solutions for offshore,subsea, navy, coastal marine, simulation & training, port surveillance that improve safety, security and performances in complex operations and during extreme conditions. Under market-oriented and international competition, it strives to build the world class marine engineering equipment R&D and manufacturing platforms.wholesale ocean data collection

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